Volansi CEO and Co-Founder, Hannan Parvizian, sat down for an interview with Kathy Ireland to discuss Volansi’s innovative delivery-by-drone service and how Volansi is moving the world one step closer to being free of the limitations of ground infrastructure.

Video Transcript

Kathy Ireland: Welcome to the show. I’m Kathy Ireland. Today, we’re joined by Volansi CEO, Hannan Parvizian to discuss how his company’s cutting-edge drone delivery systems are removing the need for complicated infrastructure, and in some cases, even helping save lives. Welcome, Hannan.

Hannan Parvizian: Thanks for having me.

Kathy: What industries do you think stand to benefit the most from drone technology?

Hannan: Yes, especially drone deliveries, I think, where anything that’s time-sensitive are going to be the first use cases and customers that we work with. Right now, we’ve been working with customers in the oil and gas and mining industries, delivering supplies and parts from a warehouse to a mining operation or on gas platform. We’ve been working with customers in the medical industry, delivering cold chain supplies like vaccines, whether it’s between two islands or whether it’s between a manufacturing site in a hospital. We’ve been working with government customers who need to deliver supplies to the battlefield.

Kathy: Incredible. Hannan, could you walk us through how your drone solutions might work for a typical commercial client?

Hannan: Yes. Whenever a new customer comes to us or whenever we onboard a new customer, what we do is we establish what the pick-up location is and what the drop-off location is, and we establish what we call a sky lane or for short, lane. That’s a fixed delivery route where we can fly parts back and forth for that customer, as many times as they need.

We do this as a service, so they’re not buying the drones from us, they’re not having to operate it. They just tell us where they need the parts or where they want their parts to be picked up and the supplies, and we just fly that service for them. We provide the vehicles, we provide the operators, we provide all the permits and insurance and everything else that goes into that service. It’s a white-glove service for our customer, so they basically just have to request an order, and then we ship it as fast as possible.

Kathy: Excellent. What are some of the overall benefits that you’re seeing that your clients are experiencing?

Hannan: Being able to reduce downtime costs. As I mentioned that the key pain point that we’re solving for our customers is getting the spare parts and critical supplies they need or life-saving supplies as fast as possible for them. Reducing downtime costs is key, and that really manifests itself, and them saving time and money on their operation. If you imagine, you have some sort of ongoing 24/7 operation or you have a machine that if it breaks down, that’s going to cost you money if you’re not able to run it. Getting those parts as fast as possible is going to be the key value proposition that we can provide to our customers.

We can help them reduce the amount of inventory to carry across multiple locations. What that means is they don’t have to now keep spare parts in multiple locations, just in case a machine goes down, so they can make sure that they can have that part, but they could rather keep it at a central distribution center and know that they can rely on our delivery system to get it out within the same day or within a couple of hours, and not suffer from downtime costs. The third aspect is really also, ultimately saving on shipping costs.

Kathy: Well, Hannan, thank you so much for sharing your powerful, amazing story with us. Congratulations to you.

Hannan: Yes, thank you very much for having me.

Kathy: Thank you for watching. I’m Kathy Ireland.