Volansi is Planning to Build the Largest Delivery Network of Critical Supplies in West Africa

This network of sky lanes will connect mission points over rivers, bridges, and hills enabling reliable and quick deliveries via drone.

By Hannan Parvizian, CEO and Co-Founder of Volansi

Africa is viewed as one of the fastest-growing economic hubs in the world. However, the country still experiences a challenge with the transportation of goods and services due to its massive infrastructure gap. Road density is five times less than the world average and rail tracks across the country are limited and in very poor condition, leaving millions of people without quick access to the resources they need. Our goal is to build a world free from the limitations of infrastructure and I believe Volansi drones will reshape Africa’s future and provide a more financially sustainable option to developing the additional infrastructure it needs for critical productivity and sustainable economic growth.

We are delivering cargo on call which saves time dramatically and improves uptime and cost savings for industries such as healthcare, oil & gas, and mining. For example, when a mining operation stalls due to faulty equipment, the clock is ticking and profitability is at risk. Traditional delivery of critical parts or supplies can take days, even weeks, resulting in extensive downtime, costing the company time and money. 

With sky lanes, also referred to as aerial delivery routes, entirely new logistics are possible. We’ve already built sky lanes for our mining customers in the region and we plan to expand our delivery network and be the first interconnected delivery drone network of sky lanes across West Africa. These sky lanes can be established for roughly a thousand dollars per mile, in no time at all, with little to no infrastructure required. This will create network effects that can be scaled to multiple locations, operating alongside roads, railways, and ports with the technology to fly over hills, jungles, and rivers, unlocking an impressive trillion-dollar market. Over the next decade, we plan on building more than two million miles of sky lanes, connecting more than 100 major cities and 500 million people, and transporting up to 36,000 tons of cargo per year.

This equates to a future unbound by surface infrastructure and it will have a huge impact on Africa’s economy, creating more than a million jobs and increasing accessibility by more than 100 percent. We can cover more than 200 percent of Africa’s surface area by building a network of sky lanes with just 30 nodes, which will be established to offshore locations, connecting land and sea in the very near future.

Volansi is at the forefront of this logistics drone revolution to reinvent the supply chain and our work in Africa is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more developments in Africa and other parts of the world.