This article was originally published in Unmanned Vehicles by Richard Thomas on April 10, 2019 

US-based unmanned systems provider Volansi will begin performing visual line-of-site package delivery flights trials in Singapore at the end of April, as part of the Future Flight consortium which is embarking on the two- year project with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore.
Volansi opened its Singapore office in 2017 as part of a wider effort to expand into the region. Showcasing its range of unmanned systems in Asia for the first time, the company will initially use multi-rotor UAS for phase one of the project, before transitioning at a later date to the larger C10 VTOL platform.

Wesley Guangyuan Zheng, founder of Volansi, told Shephard that the company had ‘a lot of interest’ in its platforms and was looking to expand into the Southeast Asia market.

‘We have a two-year project doing beyond visual line-of-sight delivery, which started last year,’ said Zheng, which will see the delivery of medical supplies to hospitals.

The Singapore project was described as a ‘demonstration of the concept’ to the markets in Southeast Asia while the company’s production line was at ‘full capacity’, Zheng added.

Additionally, Volansi has undertaken a range of programs worldwide, including humanitarian applications in Puerto Rico for the delivery of medical supplies, to transporting components and parts to heavy industry in Africa.

The C10 is described by the company as an industrial electric VTOL aircraft, capable of lifting up to 5kg in payload with an endurance of up to one hour. The VTOL capability provides operational flexibility for defense, logistics and heavy industry applications.

The system in 2018 also performed a take-off and landing from a moving barge in the US, a platform first.