Volansi rebrand invites the world to raise their expectations and get excited about the boundless possibilities of autonomous flight.

2020 marks a new decade and at Volansi, we’re ready to define it. After four years of relentless work on every aspect of our business from building our team, to securing funding, to developing our CONOPS, to designing our aircraft and the assembly line to build them; from talking to prospective customers and doing proof of concept demonstrations across continents, we now see our future.

It is to fly anything, anywhere. To provide the means for our customers to ensure that the things that are vital to their business will arrive whenever they are needed, wherever they are needed.

Every step we take moves us one step closer to freeing the world from the limitations of infrastructure by making airborne solutions available regardless of location or infrastructure. We are building a boundless world by continuously driving autonomous flight technology forward– a future where someday in the not too distant future, we can deliver autonomous solutions that reduce the constraints of time and distance.

Our new mission statement sums up our idea:

Using innovative technology to rise above existing logistics solutions, saving time, money, and lives for our customers.

Every team needs a flag to carry into the future. With this self-assured promise comes a fresh visual identity fit to propel Volansi into the future. The identity looks back to look forward. The new logo pays homage to historical pioneering companies such as Ford Motors by using a simple, striking badge that heroes the Volansi ‘V’ within a bird – a symbol synonymous with America that also implies the crossing of borders and the freedom of the skies.

Welcome to the reimagined Volansi. Welcome to the future of flight.

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