By Hannan Parvizian, CEO and Co-Founder of Volansi

Mark Mesler, Volansi CFO

Today I am excited to introduce Mark Mesler as our new Chief Financial Officer.

A start-up veteran, Mark has a long history of commercializing and scaling emerging technologies. As Vice President of Finance and Investor Relations at Bloom Energy, Mark played an integral role in taking the company through several funding rounds and an eventual IPO. He has also worked as Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Operations at Aquest Systems and as Director of Finance at KLA-Tencor.

Having recently raised $50 million in Series B financing, Volansi is set to take our mission of freeing the world from the limits of infrastructure to a whole new level. The wealth of operations-centric experience and impressive track record for driving financial performance that Mark brings to the table will be essential to us achieving this mission.

As CFO, Mark will spearhead Volansi’s financial and capital raising initiatives. He will also be charged with implementing infrastructure to enable the company to strategically scale to meet its global market demands.

After years of working to transform the way global companies procure their critical energy needs, Mark says he is excited about the opportunity to transform the way businesses address their critical logistics requirements.

“Whether it be delivering spare parts to remote industrial sites or life-saving medication during a disaster relief effort, Volansi is already proving the many benefits of delivery drones,” Mark told me. “I’m thrilled to be a part of a company that is having such a positive impact on the world.”
I’m equally as thrilled to welcome Mark to our Leadership Team and I’m looking forward to working together as we continue to redefine supply chains using autonomous delivery drone technology.


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By Hannan Parvizian, CEO and Co-Founder of Volansi

Merck and Volansi have had many collaborations across the years. Together, we helped deliver temperature-sensitive medicines in the Bahamas and Puerto Rico after the devastation of hurricanes Maria and Florence. Although only a first step, these demonstrations foreshadowed how we intend to redefine the biopharmaceutical supply chain of the future.

Today, I’m happy to announce that this future starts now.

Building on our prior work, Volansi and Merck have launched a commercial healthcare drone delivery project in North Carolina. Through this collaboration, we aim to better understand how drones can be used to improve access to healthcare – a critical issue here in eastern North Carolina. The largely rural area is home to 1.4 million people, with many living miles from the nearest pharmacy or clinic. For those suffering from diseases or chronic conditions, having a supply chain that works for them isn’t just about convenience – it’s a matter of life or death.

I believe that drone delivery is a key solution for getting critical supplies whenever and wherever they are needed.

And to prove it, we completed the first successful drone delivery of temperature-controlled medicines within the U.S. During the demonstration, Volansi piloted a VOLY C10 loaded with cold chain medicines from Merck’s Wilson, N.C. manufacturing site to Vidant Healthplex-Wilson, a Vidant Health clinic.

One of the many advantages of using drones for this type of critical cargo delivery is that it requires minimal infrastructure to operate. Our autonomous drones also deliver fragile cargo with a ‘soft touch’, automatically releasing the load once they touchdown at the delivery location. Furthermore, drones can streamline such logistical tasks as order confirmation by delivering temperature trackers and shipping confirmations on the return flight.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made the need for rapid advancements in healthcare supply chain technology abundantly clear. Our pilot program in North Carolina will help answer this need by exploring innovative new delivery options that can make medical supply chains more flexible and responsive.

We are at the cusp of an exciting new endeavor. As we seek FAA approval to expand the project’s scope to additional delivery locations, our vision for a world where everybody has ready access to life-saving medical supplies is becoming clearer by the day.

By Hannan Parvizian, CEO and Co-Founder of Volansi

We have some big and exciting news to share: Volansi has closed its Series B round of financing, having raised $50 million. The round was led by Icon Ventures and included all our existing investors, including LightSpeed Ventures, Y Combinator, and One Planet, and saw the addition of new investors, including Harpoon Ventures and Graphene Ventures.

Icon Ventures is a Palo Alto and San Francisco-based venture capital firm with over $1 billion under management. They specialize in Series B and C financing of exciting technologies with visionary teams. They understand what makes a company a category winner- shown time and again by their portfolio of successful exits, which includes enviable tech companies such as Aster Data (Teradata), (BILL), FireEye (FEYE), 41st Parameter (Experian), Infinera (INFN), MoPub (Twitter), Opcity (News Corp), Palo Alto Networks (PANW), Proofpoint (PFPT) and Teladoc (TDOC).

Building on our Momentum

This is the third equity round for Volansi, bringing our total funding to $75 million (USD).
So, what do we plan to do with it? For starters, we’re going to accelerate the use of drone delivery in the US and global emerging markets.

With the support of our Series A partners, we developed and brought to market first-of-their-kind autonomous drones and launched select customer projects around the world – changing the face of the VTOL UAV market as we know it. The Series B financing allows Volansi to build on this momentum.

This is great news for you. We know you want us to continue pushing the envelope of mobility and robotics. We know you want us to change the face of logistics. And we know you want us to continue launching new projects and scaling current ones, both in emerging markets around the world and especially here in the US.

This funding will help make this happen.

With just over 65 team members in Northern California, Arizona, and Africa, we will continue to grow our team – adding engineers, developers, and operators, and building our support and success teams to reinforce our growing projects across the globe.

I send a heartfelt thank you to our investors and advisors for their continued confidence, to our customers and partners who continue to amaze us with their passion, support, and feedback, and of course to the entire team here at Volansi.

There’s lots to do- and we’re all on board and excited to make it happen.

Now it’s time to get back to work on our mission: changing the way things move from one place to another and accelerating the world’s freedom from the limitations of traditional infrastructure.


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Volansi rebrand invites the world to raise their expectations and get excited about the boundless possibilities of autonomous flight.

2020 marks a new decade and at Volansi, we’re ready to define it. After four years of relentless work on every aspect of our business from building our team, to securing funding, to developing our CONOPS, to designing our aircraft and the assembly line to build them; from talking to prospective customers and doing proof of concept demonstrations across continents, we now see our future.

It is to fly anything, anywhere. To provide the means for our customers to ensure that the things that are vital to their business will arrive whenever they are needed, wherever they are needed.

Every step we take moves us one step closer to freeing the world from the limitations of infrastructure by making airborne solutions available regardless of location or infrastructure. We are building a boundless world by continuously driving autonomous flight technology forward– a future where someday in the not too distant future, we can deliver autonomous solutions that reduce the constraints of time and distance.

Our new mission statement sums up our idea:

Using innovative technology to rise above existing logistics solutions, saving time, money, and lives for our customers.

Every team needs a flag to carry into the future. With this self-assured promise comes a fresh visual identity fit to propel Volansi into the future. The identity looks back to look forward. The new logo pays homage to historical pioneering companies such as Ford Motors by using a simple, striking badge that heroes the Volansi ‘V’ within a bird – a symbol synonymous with America that also implies the crossing of borders and the freedom of the skies.

Welcome to the reimagined Volansi. Welcome to the future of flight.

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